Business philosophy:

Pursue perfection to every process and sincerely serve every customer

Personnel concept:

Make good use of existing talents, retain key talents, introduce talents in urgent need and cultivate talents in the future

Technology concept:

Guide the new technological revolution of animal husbandry and create the high-tech quality of animal husbandry

Corporate slogan:

Healthy China every day

Working philosophy:

Start from the big and start from the small.

Business purpose:

Serve customers, care for employees, repay shareholders and contribute to the society

Management philosophy:

study! Innovation! communicate! Plan! Guidance! Execute!

One goal:

Establishing excellent agricultural and animal husbandry science and technology enterprises

Two cores:

Talent and market

Three Representatives:

Representing the interests of farmers

Representing the interests of all shareholders

Represent the interests of all employees

Five guidelines:

Management team with integrity

A brilliant staff

Financial management with careful calculation

Product quality of continuous improvement

Elaborate technical service

Six concepts:

Time efficiency first cost

Quality efficiency first survival

The first method of integration and collaboration

The first goal of development and growth

Cultural self-discipline first management

Benefit win first principle

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